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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Energy Efficient Appliances

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy has helpful guides to effecient appliances like room air conditioners for one.

Education Debts

In response to Myshele Goldberg’s article The Real Tragedy of Student Debt, I cannot help but shake my head. The author complains of an education debt totalling a whopping $70,000. She points out, reasonably, that this is no way to start a working life. No shit, Myshele. I quote: Yet I made my choices based […]

Et tu, Owen

Is Steely Day really peeved at Owen Wilson for ‘borrowing’ the theme of the song “Cousin Dupree” for the Hollywood travesty You, Me, and Dupree. Who knows, but the open letter to Owen’s brother Luke is pretty funny regardless.

Crazy from the heat

If the heat is making you as crazy as its making me, you probably want an air conditioner. If you can’t afford one, you can always improvise.

How to tie a necktie

In 1997, these authors produced a paper regardinga mathematical model of possible necktie knots used to tie a necktie, in essence creating a “Theory of Tie Knots.”  Naturally a book followed. They discovered 9 aesthetic necktie knots and presented their finding in Nature. I found the site looking for the Pratt Knot, a unique necktie knot that produces a […]