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Monthly Archives: March 2006

SD Abortion Fight Begins

South Dakota’s governor has signed a law banning almost all abortions in the state. The bill is work of anti-abortion fundies who wish to bring Roe Vs. Wade to a new test by the Supreme Court. Get ready for this country to get torn apart.

Introductory Economics

R. Preston McAfee, who teaches at Caltech has already had a pretty extensive and busy career, so I don’t know how exactly he found the time to author a textbook as well. His book, Introductory Economics is quite good and is an excellent reference even for those who already have a basic background in economics. In […]


Yummy is one of my favorite sites. It’s a library of PDF books ranging across a number of subject areas such as economics, food, and sex (all favorites of mine.) Generally it’s pretty tech heavy, but there’s a lot goos stuff out there and it’s linked to a print-on-demand application that allows one to get […]

Tufte’s New Deal

Edward Tufte is taking pre-orders for his forthcoming book Beautiful Evidence. He’s also got a pretty nice deal offering all four of his books (including the new one) for only $150.


There’s a Hammond wiki for fans of the classic organ. The site has a useful guide to those  all important drawbar registrations. There’s also info on Hammond clones, assuming you aren’t going to buy a real one, or much worse, try to move one.

End the war

American’s overwheliming want to end the war in Iraq according to this recent Zogby poll. Meanwhile, CBS puts Bush’s approval at its lowest point ever. If there’s any mandate now, it appears to be a mandate of disapproval.