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Black Box Recorder

Wasn’t in nice of Luke Haines to share these Black Box Recorder videos with us?


Most crazy awesome video ever; Tom Cruise reflecting on life with Scientology. Difficult to watch. It’s even weirder if you just listen to the sound. Creepy ass laughing.

Sooner Than You Think

Filling out the collection here’s New Order doing “Sooner Than You Think.” Not my fave, but I’m not going to complain.

In a Lonely Place

Hohner melodica in full-effect as New Order bashes its way through “In a Lonely Place.”

Blue Monday

Same performance as the other videos, this time, it’s “Blue Monday.” Voyetra synths (and Barney’s voice) all over the place. Note the in-joke reference to his own off-key singing as Barney changes the lyrics “I still find it so hard, to stay in tune with you, but I’m sure that you’ll tell us, what the […]

Age of Consent

New Order performs “Age of Consent.” Note out of key guitar intro, angry removal of pop-screen from microphone, and ‘gay sperm’ on the amps. Kick Ass.


Video footage of New Order performing “Temptation” at the BBC studios live in 1984.

Let them eat cake…

A very low-budget video with a simple concept from Low, but I can’t stop watching.

There is a light that never goes out

YouTube strikes again. The (sole?) musician behind a project called Primrose League has posted several videos of himself playing songs by The Smiths. His recreations of Johnny Marr’s playing is obsessively close to the originals. Here’s an instrumental of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, a beautiful song, with or without vocals.

Biolay Videos

I’ve been waiting a while for Benjamin Biolay’s official site to release his videos. At last, they are all available, covering most of his major studio releases, as well as some videos of him at work in the studio recording his latest album, A L’Origine. Also a New York Times profile on Biolay from last […]