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Harlem is over

If the New York Times says the boom time of Harlem Real Estate is over, you know it’s over.

Complete New Yorker on DVD

Now that the New Yorker’s online digital archive has every issue of the magazine back to 1925, the DVD set is largely redundant, unless you find the interface easier to use. Well, maybe not, since they are planning on charging for access to the archive. For the time being you can purchase the DVD version […]

Best bagels in NY

Slate has an informative article about the history of the bagel. The author mentions that “the best bagel bakery in New York, according to many, is one owned by a Thai couple on the Upper West Side.” Why didn’t they mention the name of that great bagel bakery? Perhaps the author wanted to keep that […]


If Central Park is supposed to be closed to traffic in the evening, why do I always see at least 15 cars on the drives while I am there every night?