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Smiths Guitar

Smiths on Guitar is a great resource for those wanting to play like guitar hero Johnny Marr.

Things I am enjoying right now

Been a while since I saw fit to update this thing. I find standard blogging pretty boring – most blogs being along the lines of “look at this, isn’t it cool.”  Hence the lack of updates. But I do want to point to one consistently excellent arts and culture blog that I’ve been digging a lot, […]

iTunes gets a watched folder

At last with the new version of iTunes 9.0 contains a special watched folder. On the PC, navigate to your iTunes Music folder and look for the folder titled “Automatically add to iTunes.” Music you place in this folder will be added to your library instantly. Bravo!

Bernard Sumner Acoustic

Bernard Sumner does four songs on acoustic guitar, includes links to mp3s.

Middle Cyclone Making Of

Short promo film from Anti on the making of Middle Cyclone, which sounds it is going to be a great album. Can’t wait…

Middle Cyclone

Neko Case has a new album with a Tarantino inspired cover. She’s got a new single too and you can download it.

Thelonious’ Advice

This musical and performance advice given to Steve Lacy by the Thelonious Monk not only gives insight into the his genius, but is also quite practical (with a few exceptions for idiosyncracies, of course.) Just because you’re not a drummer, doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep time. Pat your foot and sing the melody […]

The Story of the Fall

Every fall song, reviewed – 435 in all.

Mark E. Smith for President

No, not really, but here are some Fall vids….in no particular order Victoria LA Kicker Conspiracy Telephone Thing Fifteen Ways Cruisers Creek Free Range Mr. Pharmacist


Nothing profound here, but I’ll be damned if Coldplay isn’t the most boring band I’ve heard since, I don’t know, Toad the Wet Sprocket?