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Article Skimmer

The New York Times has made no small amount of effort on being a forward looking digital media company. Their site is loaded with special web-only features, blogs, and cool infographics. However, sometimes good ideas can also be found by looking to the past. So, the Times is attempting to replicate the experience of browsing […]

Measurement Lab

Google-sponsored M-Lab or Measurement Labs is a project that provide tools and research on Internet connectivity. Currently there are three tools in the suite, a general Network Diagnostic Tool for detecting issue that might limit network connection speed. Glastnost can help you determine whether your ISP is throttling or blocking BitTorrent traffic.  The also provide […]

Times outside scoop on trolls

The New York Times is unusually tardy in how late to the game it is on the story of Internet Trolls. Predictably enough the author of the article got trolled himself by an Internet con artist going by the handle “Weev.” Calling trolling a growing phenomenon is pretty stupid as just about any half-educated loser […]

Eight Generatives Better Than Free

How do you make valuable products when the price of a copy is nearly free? Kevin Kelly has eight proposals: Immediacy Personalization Interpretation Authenticity Accessibility Embodiment Patronage Findability