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Worst Financial Gurus

Great roque’s gallery of bad financial gurus. Those ‘gurus’ who give bad advice, get indicted, go bankrupt, or bankrupt others. The post also links to an extensive debunking of Robert Kiyosaki book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It’s worth a read whether or not you already think Robert Kiyosaki if full of baloney.

iTunes Sucks

Every version sucks more. Now it takes a billion years for the autofill feature to work. To make matters worse, while the thing calculates for autofill, it abruptly foregrounds itself every few second. So shitty and so inexcusable.

Joel Bauer

Meet Joel Bauer, he’s a man so far up his own ass that he can lecture you for 20 minutes on his philosophy of packing.

Sometimes stealing is just easier

The award for bad customer service this week goes to Steinberg, a software publishing company with a sales phone line that is always a busy signal. I considered buying an upgrade, but since I have to call and have no way to reach them, I guess I will buy something else instead. I wouldn’t do […]

Test Optional, Not Really

Fairtest is an organization that claims to be against standardized testing. The organization publishes a list of 775 College & Universities that do not require the SAT or ACT. Sounds impressive right? However, all it takes is a quick analysis to establish that the list is pretty flimsy. The list sounds considerably less impressive when […]

Knotty Noose

The Village Voice continued it’s story on ousted Teachers College professor Madonna Constantine. It doesn’t shed much new light on the story, but demonstrates that Columbia was not quick to judge; rather it took its time investigating the issue and its conclustions were not reached hastily.

A troll for all seasons

Matt Sanchez is up to his dirty tricks again, but unwittingly sullies the name of his right-wing associates. First, The Weekly Standard reports that The New Republic’s Milblogger Scott Thomas Beauchamp (identity now revealed) dispatches were fabricated. After raising a such a big stink, it turns out that TNR’s source was none other than our […]