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Apple Juice

Lately, I have asked a number of parents about their feelings about their children consuming that favorite toddler libation, apple juice. Opinions on the topic naturally vary but the majority opinion on my biased sample is against the apple juice. It is interesting how attitudes have changed; when I was younger, apple juice was looked […]

More on parents and food anxiety

Utne has a good piece on the parental role in setting children up for eating disorders. I agree with the position that childhood is ground zero for preventing adult obesity and eating disorders. While there are so many causal factors, attitudes towards food set up early in life may be the most important factor of […]

Truth about calories

There is an excellent post at Scientific American about calories in context. One of the most prevalent and perhaps erroneous assumptions about nutrition is that all of the energy in the foods you eat is bioavailable. This truth is more complex.

Parents and food anxieties

One of the things that stands out to me when thinking about my childhood is my parent’s attitudes towards my eating habits. You don’t remember theĀ multitudeĀ of meals in your life, save for the highly emotional ones. The ones associated with an important life event – an engagement dinner. A particularly good meal – my first […]

Why you are fat

A mathematician tells it straight: you are fat because there is too much food about. And thus, you eat too much.

Why you are fat

I think you’re fat. And, this is why you’re fat.

Food that looks like other food

A cake that looks very much like a hamburger. Hamburger Cake? Not very appetizing if you ask me.

The No S Diet

Here’s a pretty straightforward way to lose weight, or not gain any at the very least. The “No S Diet” is a memorable and easy to follow diet with few rules or restrictions. No snacks, sweets, or seconds, except on days that begin with an S. That requires some discipline during the week, but if […]

Morningside Heights Top Eats

TimeOut NY has a list of Morningside Heights’ top eats. Their definition of Morningside Heights is a little off (typically it’s ABOVE 110th St.) and they missed Tacqueria Y Fonda Mexiacana, but it’s mostly on target.