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Comparing the bear markets

Want to see something really scary?

Why housing is still too expensive

Yet another example of why The Big Picture is required reading. The graphs provided today of housing value and debt as percentage of GDP and existing home prices vs. median income fundamentally tell the entire story of why housing prices are still too high. The fact that housing value has gone from 170% to  130% […]

How low can you go

How much value has been lost? This much…


For years I’ve wondered how Dubai has managed to expand so rapidly into a modern metropolis. Simple, easy credit. Looks like that is over.

Bailout Nation

If you read Barry Ritzholtz blog, The Big Picture, you may have read that he was working on a book about the fiscal crisis. Bailout Nation was to be published by McGraw-Hill. McGraw-Hill owns Standards & Poor’s a credit ratings agency.  The book, which was critical of the role that the ratings agencies undoubtedly played […]

15 Doomed Companies

US New’s Flow Chart blog has a list of 15 companies that might not make it through 2009. Those on the chopping block: Rite Aid Claire’s Stores Chrysler Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Realogy Corp. Station Casinos Loehmann’s Capital Corp. Sbarro Six Flags Blockbuster Krispy Kreme Landry’s Restaurants Sirius Satellite Radio Trump Entertainment Resorts Holdings BearingPoint […]

15 Steps to Financial Ruin

How the whole sheband unravelled, starting with the Fed rate cut way back when.