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Libby doesn’t see a day behind bars

The devil looks after his own.

Bush fatigue

Country suffering from “Bush Fatigue” according to Bush 41. No kidding.


GTA IV – which looks breathtakingly delicious – has got politicians in New York up in arms. The game very closely resembles (is) New York City. As a resident, I welcome the opportunity to indulge my criminal revenge fantasies on my virtual neighbors. Beats going to Rikers.


Don’t believe Republicans are contrary to reason and our Congress is batshit insane? Check out this poll. Only 13% of the Republicans polled believe that global warming is man-made.


The Ghoul is apparently one step closer to running for president. No doubt spurred on by his lionization at a nation hero. Unfortunately, the stupidity of the this country is boundless. Real New Yorker’s understand this man’s petty and mean nature and September 11th as the deus ex machina that raised him out of the […]

A new low

Bush’s approval rating hits an all time low (not just for Bush, but for any President during the polling age.)

Foner on Bush

According to an editorial in the post, written by Columbia University Professor Eric Foner, George Bush isn’t just a miserable failure, he’s the worse ever.


The GOP doesn’t care about black people, unless those black people happen to be voters, and they also happen to be easily duped.


Yes, there are plenty of wingnuts on the right. Anthrax hoaxing however is an unusual hobby for them (most stick to blogging.)

Bush has nothing to say, no plan

Check out this article from U.S. News, and this great quote (referring to the most recent White House press conference:) “He had nothing to say at the press conference,” says a prominent GOP insider. “My question is, why call it?”