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Category Archives: Top 10

Kitchen Gadgets

PC Magazine’s guide to strange kitchen gadgets, including the evergreen “Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork.”

Reconsidering the Cell Phone

Wired has a bunch of reasons you might reconsider having a cell phone. I just got rid of mine a few months ago. My top reasons from the article: It’s horribly expensive Total Cost of Ownership. Apply that idea to everything, not just cars and mortgages. The fact is that most cellphones will cost you […]

Greatest Video Game Scandals

Not terribly in depth, but here’s a list of the “Gaming’s 10 Biggest Scandals.” In other news, video games are good for you.

Tied up in knots

Via LifeHacker, the ten most useful knots, and how to tie them.

Top 10 Philosophical Quotes + 1

Cheating on the top 10 list thing. But this is a pretty great collection of quotes.

EDGE of existence

Help save some the earth’s most evolutionarily diverse and globally endangered species. That is, if they are still around; number 1 on the list, the Yangtze River Dolphin is probably already extinct.

Biggest Computer Flops

Top 10 biggest flops in computing. The story about CP/M stretches credibility – anybody have any idea whether it is true or not?

Top Science Myths

Ok, so it isn’t actually a top 10, it’s a top 20, but I liked this list of the top myths (corrected by science.) Available via Live Science, vote for your favorites.


A website is attempting to collect 10,000 reasons the human race is doomed. Now that I’ve found the site, they’re going to have to up the limit…

Top 10: Mysterious Diseases covers the top 10 mysterious diseases.