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Category Archives: Politics

The Ghoul gets a take-down

President of 9/11 and presidential candidate Rudolph Guiliani claims to have been at ground zero as often as rescue workers. Turns out he was down there for about 29 hours total. So much for his campaign.

A troll for all seasons

Matt Sanchez is up to his dirty tricks again, but unwittingly sullies the name of his right-wing associates. First, The Weekly Standard reports that The New Republic’s Milblogger Scott Thomas Beauchamp (identity now revealed) dispatches were fabricated. After raising a such a big stink, it turns out that TNR’s source was none other than our […]

The “Homeland”

Something about referring to the United State of America as the “Homeland” has always sounded a little odd, perhaps even a tad fascist. I’m not alone in this apparently. Wired’s Threat Level blog has a post today, There’s No Such Thing as the Homeland that helps put a point on it: People who write and […]

Why impeachment could be a non-partisan issue

Opinion polls indicate that public support for impeachment is at a high point. But whether this idea runs along partisan lines is to miss the point. Bush & Cheney are the architects of a massive increase in executive powers and they achieved it long before the latest outrages, namely Cheney’s assertion that the Office of […]