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If Central Park is supposed to be closed to traffic in the evening, why do I always see at least 15 cars on the drives while I am there every night?

RCN Rates

RCN has raised their rates yet again, with only the most meager increases in service over the last year. I really like the HD channels that they added in the last year, but it’s not enough to justify the $24/month increase in charges that just appeared on my bill. RCN has just about the worst […]

Kim’s Closing

The UWS loses its (only?) decent record store in September when’s Kim’s closes.

The Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel

Good news via Gothamist: the Oak Room is going to reopen. Those who have been there know it is one of those classic grand old New York spaces and an irreplaceable artifact from a another era. Hopefully the update will be respectful of the the room’s great past. Hopefully the new menu will be an […]

Central Park Fountain

The Central Park Resevoir Fountain was operational again as of yesterday. It shoots water 60 feet into the air, quite pretty to watch.

Ghost Bikes

I’ve seen a few of these “Ghost Bikes” around the city. They’re white bicycles placed at the site of fatal bicycle accidents. It looks like this new site will be putting something up on the phenomenon soon.

Ugly Outfits NYC

Ugly Outfits NYC is sort of like Overheard in NY in that it captures the some of the street theater I live for – spotting outrageously bad outfits.

Downtown Beirut

Speaking of vanishing New York, here’s a recollection of the bar Downtown Beirut, which was a “transcendent dive.” I know what she means.


GTA IV – which looks breathtakingly delicious – has got politicians in New York up in arms. The game very closely resembles (is) New York City. As a resident, I welcome the opportunity to indulge my criminal revenge fantasies on my virtual neighbors. Beats going to Rikers.


WFMU informs us that Francis E. Dec, Esquire of 29 Maple Ave, Hempstead, New York has an active fan club even in death. Dec was create some legendary, completely insane rants that he sent out to seemingly randomly selected individuals.Dec’s rants were something special, awe-inspiring in their urgency, vulgarity, and madness. The site owner of […]