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Category Archives: Music

Smiths Guitar

Smiths on Guitar is a great resource for those wanting to play like guitar hero Johnny Marr.

Middle Cyclone

Neko Case has a new album with a Tarantino inspired cover. She’s got a new single too and you can download it.

Thelonious’ Advice

This musical and performance advice given to Steve Lacy by the Thelonious Monk not only gives insight into the his genius, but is also quite practical (with a few exceptions for idiosyncracies, of course.) Just because you’re not a drummer, doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep time. Pat your foot and sing the melody […]

The Story of the Fall

Every fall song, reviewed – 435 in all.

Black Box Recorder

Wasn’t in nice of Luke Haines to share these Black Box Recorder videos with us?

A Clearing for Spirit

A beguiling post about Talk Talk’s “I Believe in You.” Mark Hollis doesn’t like the video, but I don’t think it’s half-bad:

Loudness Wars

The loudness wars are back and they’re in Rolling Stone. They’re always the last to know, that Rolling Stone. Also, the imminent death of the music business predicted in The Economist. The majors are realizing they will simply have to give music away for free if they want to stay afloat. Who knows how long […]

All the songs look the same

Visual analysis of Linkin Park’s songs demonstrate surprising similarity. Ok, maybe it’s not that surprising.

In a Lonely Place

Hohner melodica in full-effect as New Order bashes its way through “In a Lonely Place.”

Blue Monday

Same performance as the other videos, this time, it’s “Blue Monday.” Voyetra synths (and Barney’s voice) all over the place. Note the in-joke reference to his own off-key singing as Barney changes the lyrics “I still find it so hard, to stay in tune with you, but I’m sure that you’ll tell us, what the […]