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Category Archives: Idiots

Jason Fortuny Sued

It seems that Mr. Fortuny will be getting some more publicity, this time of the unwanted variety. 10 Zen Monkey’s reports that Jason Fortuny is being sued by one of the victims of his “Craig’s List Experiment.” Fortuny is as always unrepentant: I’m sure there are dozens of rfjason-haters cheering right now. Are you excited? […]

Times outside scoop on trolls

The New York Times is unusually tardy in how late to the game it is on the story of Internet Trolls. Predictably enough the author of the article got trolled himself by an Internet con artist going by the handle “Weev.” Calling trolling a growing phenomenon is pretty stupid as just about any half-educated loser […]

90 Day Jane

90 Day Jane almost stayed alive long enough to get some serious media attention. The smart money was on it being a hoax, which of course, it most likely was. Now somebody is trying to hack her traffic and install some spyware on unsuspecting passersby. Some people are concerned about the possibility of a “suicide […]

Sanchez still at it

More fun with Matt Sanchez.

Tom Cruise Redux

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has some more background on the Church of Scientology, including some links to other indoctrination videos. Gawker has already received a note from Scientology’s lawyers claiming that posting the Tom Cruise video is copyright infringement. Let’s see how long Gawker holds its own in this fight.

Kevin McCullough makes a big ass of himself

Right wing nutjob Kevin McCullough makes a big, fat, puffy-eyed ass of himself when he attempts to warn parents of the dangers of the video game “Mass Effect” Here’s an excerpt (you can practically hear McCullough masturbating as he writes): It’s called “Mass Effect” and it allows its players – universally male no doubt – […]


Most crazy awesome video ever; Tom Cruise reflecting on life with Scientology. Difficult to watch. It’s even weirder if you just listen to the sound. Creepy ass laughing.

Total Bulldada

WFMU reports on two new sources of internet bulldada, the Stupid Comment Generator and the LiveJournal Random Picture Generator. Go forth and waste thy time.

A troll for all seasons

Matt Sanchez is up to his dirty tricks again, but unwittingly sullies the name of his right-wing associates. First, The Weekly Standard reports that The New Republic’s Milblogger Scott Thomas Beauchamp (identity now revealed) dispatches were fabricated. After raising a such a big stink, it turns out that TNR’s source was none other than our […]

The Family Guy

I understand I’m about eight years too late on this, but I happened to catch a few episodes of “The Family Guy” on Adult Swim recently. I’m not terribly surprised to learn that I wasn’t missing much. I found the show tedious to get through Although the show is chock full of pop references, it […]