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Harlem is over

If the New York Times says the boom time of Harlem Real Estate is over, you know it’s over.

Worst Financial Gurus

Great roque’s gallery of bad financial gurus. Those ‘gurus’ who give bad advice, get indicted, go bankrupt, or bankrupt others. The post also links to an extensive debunking of Robert Kiyosaki book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It’s worth a read whether or not you already think Robert Kiyosaki if full of baloney.

Scan and Fix Annoyance

Here’s how put an end to the Vista ‘Scan and Fix’ dialog issue with an iPod.

iTunes Sucks

Every version sucks more. Now it takes a billion years for the autofill feature to work. To make matters worse, while the thing calculates for autofill, it abruptly foregrounds itself every few second. So shitty and so inexcusable.

Joel Bauer

Meet Joel Bauer, he’s a man so far up his own ass that he can lecture you for 20 minutes on his philosophy of packing.

Sometimes stealing is just easier

The award for bad customer service this week goes to Steinberg, a software publishing company with a sales phone line that is always a busy signal. I considered buying an upgrade, but since I have to call and have no way to reach them, I guess I will buy something else instead. I wouldn’t do […]

Fuck Chase Credit Cards

Fuck Chase. Fuck them in their overleveraged ass. And fuck the Federal Government for not regulating these thieves. I am sick to death of the goddamned usury and the arbitrary changes to terms. I can’t fucking stand the monthly mailers with balance transfer checks at ridiculous terms that you cannot get the fuckers to stop […]

Excel and Statistics

Excel isn’t a good tool for statistical analysis.

Job Losses by County

Times infographic on job losses across the US. (AKA, places you do not want to live.)


The NY Times has an article about DCM Services, a shitty little company that takes advantage of bereaved people and attempts to get them to play their dead relatives zombie debts. My advice: if a debt collector calls about your dead or living relative’s debt, tell them absolutely nothing. You are only encouraging these disgusting […]