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Truth about calories

There is an excellent post at Scientific American about calories in context. One of the most prevalent and perhaps erroneous assumptions about nutrition is that all of the energy in the foods you eat is bioavailable. This truth is more complex.


Facebook IPOD basically flat. I would say it was priced correctly (no money left on table) except there are at least 1-2 weeks of Morgan Stanley supporting the price at $38.

Why you are fat

A mathematician tells it straight: you are fat because there is too much food about. And thus, you eat too much.

The benefits of graduate school

You might want to think twice about getting a law degree. The extent of the bimodality of legal salaries is quite stark.

Fuck Black Friday

It started innocently enough – many years ago with the media reporting that the day after Thanksgiving was the busiest shopping day of the year. No news at all really, just a conspiracy of a day off, forced time with family, and boredom; this ‘busiest shopping day’ is now dubbed ‘Black Friday.’ The only thing […]

In place upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional

I have no idea why Microsoft insists on a clean install when upgrading from Microsoft Vista Home Premium to Microsoft Windows 7 Professional. In fact, I don’t really care. I want to do an in-place upgrade. I’m a busy person and don’t have time to dick around for 8-12 hours installing, moving files, moving settings, […]

They were curious Orange

They were invulnerable to cool. Their horses loved them too.

iTunes gets a watched folder

At last with the new version of iTunes 9.0 contains a special watched folder. On the PC, navigate to your iTunes Music folder and look for the folder titled “Automatically add to iTunes.” Music you place in this folder will be added to your library instantly. Bravo!

12 More Bubbles

Think gold might be a bubble? You are not alone in that.

Bernard Sumner Acoustic

Bernard Sumner does four songs on acoustic guitar, includes links to mp3s.