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Kevin McCullough makes a big ass of himself

Right wing nutjob Kevin McCullough makes a big, fat, puffy-eyed ass of himself when he attempts to warn parents of the dangers of the video game “Mass Effect” Here’s an excerpt (you can practically hear McCullough masturbating as he writes): It’s called “Mass Effect” and it allows its players – universally male no doubt – […]

Greatest Video Game Scandals

Not terribly in depth, but here’s a list of the “Gaming’s 10 Biggest Scandals.” In other news, video games are good for you.


GTA IV – which looks breathtakingly delicious – has got politicians in New York up in arms. The game very closely resembles (is) New York City. As a resident, I welcome the opportunity to indulge my criminal revenge fantasies on my virtual neighbors. Beats going to Rikers.

Ride Accidents

After reading this site, I can safely say that I won’t be rushing out anytime soon to ride any carnival rides. Fairground Accidents apparently abound and the sense of danger is all too justified. Sadly, the victims are often children. It takes a grim type of person to pull together this kind of information.  I […]

How Infocom Failed

Via Metafilter – the story of how Infocom failed. Infocom produced Zork and a whole host of text adventure games. They’re still pretty much some of the most imaginitive and challenging games to play.