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Molecular Gastronomy, Part II

While I’m at it, I might as well point you to two very interesting molecular gastronomy source. The first is a collaborative recipe wiki, the FoodHacking wiki (nascent, but looks promising.) The second is a very nice set of resource links to various sites on the subject of molecular gastronomy, it’s practicioners, etc. Molecular Gastronomy […]

Albert Adria vs. the frat-boys

FLAMING JELLO SHOTS!!!! (stupidity, or molecular gastronomy?)

GirlAlive British Food Experience

GirlAlive, an American expat in Britain is writing up an amusing and informative series on British packaged foods. She helpfully includes the ingredients. I have learned that that”bubble and squeak” involves ordinary vegetables such as potato, cabbage, and brussel sprouts. Mushy peas aren’t nearly as offputting as they sound (hint: it’s a different kind of […]

Gode Cookery

Gode Cookery is one of those sites that makes me glad there is an Internet. The site is dedicated to medieval cooking and translating the recipes to the modern kitchen. Knowing how people ate hundreds of years ago goes a long way to understanding how they lived.

Chow has launched. The food magazine ran for a few issues about a year ago before being purchased by CNET. The content tends to be lighter than the more substantial Gourmet, but that can be a good thing if you are looking for a quick read.

Bourdain on Beirut

The sense of loss and remorse is palpable throughout Anthony Bourdain’s report on the the state of things in Beirut, Watching Beirut Die.

Food Anomalies

MoFA, or the Museum of Food Anomalies is a comprehensive gallery of strange deformations and facial appararitions