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Apple Juice

Lately, I have asked a number of parents about their feelings about their children consuming that favorite toddler libation, apple juice. Opinions on the topic naturally vary but the majority opinion on my biased sample is against the apple juice. It is interesting how attitudes have changed; when I was younger, apple juice was looked […]

Why you are fat

I think you’re fat. And, this is why you’re fat.

Morningside Heights Top Eats

TimeOut NY has a list of Morningside Heights’ top eats. Their definition of Morningside Heights is a little off (typically it’s ABOVE 110th St.) and they missed Tacqueria Y Fonda Mexiacana, but it’s mostly on target.

The Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel

Good news via Gothamist: the Oak Room is going to reopen. Those who have been there know it is one of those classic grand old New York spaces and an irreplaceable artifact from a another era. Hopefully the update will be respectful of the the room’s great past. Hopefully the new menu will be an […]

Kitchen Gadgets

PC Magazine’s guide to strange kitchen gadgets, including the evergreen “Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork.”

It takes a firm man…

Christopher Walken makes a chicken. (looks pretty tasty) Christopher Walken has a reputation for being something of a cook and apparently does quite a bit of cooking himself, since restaurants sketch him out.


I’ve been very curious about the drug Alli, the weight loss drug that is now available over the counter. The marketing claims that you can expect some modest increases in the amount of weight loss, provided you follow a fairly low fat diet. But we’re we’re talking – 15 grams per meal. That’s really a […]

New Soul Food

Hungry in Hogtown, the excellent food blog, has a kool entry on a kool subject, kool-aid pickles. Don’t laugh, kids apparently love them.

When Molecular Gastronomy Goes Wrong

The recent tainted pet food scandal has brought to light the deceptive practices the Chinese Food & Agriculture industries engage in. The chemical that is believed to have caused the animal deaths, melamine, is added to increase the apparent protein content of wheat gluten. But this is just the tip of the iceberg with regard […]

Molecular Gastronomy Supplies

Hungry in Hogtown has a cool round up on most common supplies for molecular gastronomy experiments. They also discuss sources for the supplies (L’Epicerie) and dealing with Canadian customs, which held an order up at the border.