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Category Archives: Fashion

Ugly Outfits NYC

Ugly Outfits NYC is sort of like Overheard in NY in that it captures the some of the street theater I live for – spotting outrageously bad outfits.


Ian is a weirdo, but a helpful one. He provides a myriad of ways to lace and tie your shoes.

Police State

Police State, a fashion spread brought to you by Vogue. This is some queasy-making fascist fashion…

How to tie a necktie

In 1997, these authors produced a paper regardinga mathematical model of possible necktie knots used to tie a necktie, in essence creating a “Theory of Tie Knots.”  Naturally a book followed. They discovered 9 aesthetic necktie knots and presented their finding in Nature. I found the site looking for the Pratt Knot, a unique necktie knot that produces a […]