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Test Optional, Not Really

Fairtest is an organization that claims to be against standardized testing. The organization publishes a list of 775 College & Universities that do not require the SAT or ACT. Sounds impressive right? However, all it takes is a quick analysis to establish that the list is pretty flimsy. The list sounds considerably less impressive when […]

Story of a class

23 students started kindergarten in September of 1994. Here’s what happened to them.

Who outed Matt Sanchez?

Columbia student, Matt Sanchez, aka “Rod Majors” and “Pierre LaBranche” claims to have been outed by left-wing bloggers. Unsurprisingly, it’s not only a self-serving claim tailored to Sanchez’s political agenda, it’s patently false. Matt Sanchez was in fact outed by gay porn fans who picked up on the Matt Sanchez/Rod Majors connection in December 17, […]

Second to last

Science blog pharyngula has yet another disturbing post regarding attitudes about evolution. The results of a new study, indicates that Americans are lagging far behind (second only to Turkey) the rest of the world in terms of sophistication about (i.e. acceptance of) the theory of evolution. The study suggests that in addition to being uneducated […]

How Infocom Failed

Via Metafilter – the story of how Infocom failed. Infocom produced Zork and a whole host of text adventure games. They’re still pretty much some of the most imaginitive and challenging games to play.

Education Debts

In response to Myshele Goldberg’s article The Real Tragedy of Student Debt, I cannot help but shake my head. The author complains of an education debt totalling a whopping $70,000. She points out, reasonably, that this is no way to start a working life. No shit, Myshele. I quote: Yet I made my choices based […]