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Category Archives: Drugs

Meth Check

ABC news has a story about another breach of privacy – police officers checking up on your decongestant purchases.

Running the Numbers

Running the Numbers is a compelling gallery of images focused on the intersection of art and statistics.

The Drugs Do Work

I came across the article In Defense of Happy Pills recently on the subject of SSRIs i.e. antidepressants such as Zoloft and Prozac. It’s a subject close to my heart as for many years I struggled over the choice of talk therapy versus drugs (or both.) My own inherited attitudes about the nature of depression […]

The Drug War

This is an excellent site I found via Metafilter. Brian Bennett has compiled a great deal of data on drug use. As he puts it on his site: “What I’ve atempted to do here is to create a level playing field in the drug war debate. As it turns out though, the data are actually […]