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Guns kill 81 people every day

Before you let idiots like Matt Sanchez or Newt Gingrich go off on a tangent about how liberalism is responsible for the Virginia Tech incident put things in context. About 81 people died every day due to guns in 2004 (the last year figures were available.) The New York Times sums up who is getting […]

Pathethic Whoring

When Matt Sanchez isn’t writing trifling editorials for the Columbia Spectator (ugly Betty anyone?,) he pseudo-editorializes on his blog. Apparently they don’t teach logic at Columbia because in this idiotic post he conflates the activities of the International Socialist Organization and the Take Back the Night marches, suggesting they are somehow related. Furthermore, as repugnant […]

Virginia Tech Photos has photos of the mass murder at Virginia Tech. There is a gallery of photos of the victims. Very sad.

Cho Seung-Hui, Playwright

A classmate of Cho Seung-Hui has posted two the killer’s plays, “Mr. Brownstone” and “Richard McBeef.” They’re awful, awful, awful plays. Nevertheless, the content is a violent and profane, but isn’t nearly as profane or violent as I expected. The only thing really insane about these is that he handed them in for a class.

Running the Numbers

Running the Numbers is a compelling gallery of images focused on the intersection of art and statistics.

Making an example of them

The Department of Justice has put up a scary notice at the site formerly known as The site’s owner Nathan Peterson was convicted of software piracy and will spend the next 87 months in prison. To add insult to injury, Mr. Peterson will have to forfeit all the property acquired using his ill-gotten gains […]