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Salary Exposure

The Times has a piece on disclosure of salaries and the good points and bad points. More interesting than the article is a referenced site called where one could disclose their salary in exchange for information about other people’s salaries. The site has the obvious issue that the salaries are self-reported. There are also […]

Get Paid More

An article in the New York Times discusses the use of publicly available information in salary negotiations: “If information is power, then most employees who enter salary negotiations are holding pea shooters while the boss is encased in a Kevlar vest.” Smart employers and employees already use these sources of information to set competitive salary […]

No Exuberance Please

Why the best employees are robots/zombies! Small amount of hyperbole to make an excellent point about what the difference between the type of employees companies say they want and the type of employees they really want.

50 Interview Questions

Strategies for answering 50 common interview questions.

Salaries shouldn’t be secret

The Chief Happiness Officer has an excellent post making a case for salaries being made public knowledge. It’s one of the most insightful things I’ve read on the topic. The post suggests there are three reason why secret salaries are a bad idea: it makes compensation unfair, it frustrates any debate about the topic (as […]

Why Recruiters Aren’t Calling You

The New York chapter of the Project Management Institute has a helpful article for you job-seekers out there. Why Recruiters Aren’t Calling You contains some good advice, but also the sad reality.