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Ad Revenue

Thanks to Google Adsense, this site may soon pay for itself, which would certainly be a great thing. I’m far from being able to retire on the income though. It seems it takes a lot of effort to make any dependable amount of money, beyond a few clicks here and there, it just feels a […]

Tonic Closes

Generally, I’m all real estate going to the highest value use. But the notion of value is actually pretty elusive because of the great many things you can’t put a dollar value on. One thing you really can’t put dollar value on is the cultural capital of New York. This cultural capital exists only in […]

Woeful experience with British Airways

I see that this traveler has had a bad experience with British Airways. My experience included such features as: missed connection – because they wouldn’t let us peasants in economy off the plane or to the head of the line through customs canceled second flight – that’s right, the new flight I was scheduled on […]

How to write a fundable business plan

Brendon Wilson has a great piece on his blog summarizing VC Ann Winblad’s recommendations on getting your business plan written. = Spam 2.0 is a nothing but a big phony.

Why are we leaving our jobs?

Managers, some food for thought: Top 10 reason why people leave their jobs.

Credit Rate Rates

Should have been a little more clear in that last post. The New York State Banking Commission publishes a quarterly survey of credit card interest rates. You can download it directly from their site.

Capital Punishment

Consumerist has posted CapitalOne’s CEO’s address today. I used to have a CapitalOne credit card until they starting trying to slam me with dubious late fees, so it doesn’t surprise me that they are still up to their old tricks. Little did I know how big the bag of dirty tricks really is. If you […]

Just noticed that the marketing department was looking over my shoulder. Ok, not exactly, but the marketing department’s minions ( just scanned my website. What a name for a site, very era and very cluetrain*. Check out the demo, it’s hilarious – one of the examples involves searching for variations on AOL and ‘cancel,’ […]

Amazon Price Changes

Economist R. Preston McAfee was interviewed by the Guardian last month. In the interview, he discusses price volatility and how Amazon might be experiementing with price discrimination. After the interview, McAfee provided further observations about Amazon’s pricing.