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Category Archives: Adult

Porn for Idiots

Supposed you were to search for ‘porn for idiots.’ What exactly would you be looking for?

Wild Sex 101

According to the Daily News, Columbia University is nothing but an orgy (of liberalism, no doubt) disguised as a university. Why then a photo Chris Kulawik, a poster-boy for sexlessness? Perhaps because they are all talk and no action?

Donkey Punch Fashion

The rise of the mooks (or proles, if you please) continues. Why does it not surprise me that a clothing line featuring references to a crude and misogynist sex act would be produced in Las Vegas? Vegas, you have so much to answer for.

Made in Heaven

Before the giant bunny, Jeff Koons, in an act of extraordinary narcissism made some pornography (photographs and statues) with his erstwhile wife, Ilona Staller, aka Cicciolina. Unsurprisingly, it looks just like hardcore pornography, but was it art?


Fascinating interview with Sergio Messina about ‘Realcore.’ Most of here in the states refer to it as homemade or lo-fi porn, as the designation ‘amateur’ has been clearly co-opted by the ‘professionals.’ Messian (who the author refers to as the Margaret Mead of porn) like to study realcore images he finds on usenet. This is very, very NSFW and some of […]


The naught boys over at have set up what must be the first useful social porn bittorrent site. Registration is locked at 40K users, but they’ll be opening that up after the beta period.