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Fuck Black Friday

It started innocently enough – many years ago with the media reporting that the day after Thanksgiving was the busiest shopping day of the year. No news at all really, just a conspiracy of a day off, forced time with family, and boredom; this ‘busiest shopping day’ is now dubbed ‘Black Friday.’ The only thing black about it is that each year, the day fails to deliver on its promise of stemming the decline of our bankrupt society. Well, that and how depressing it is to here the same shit year after year. Expect to hear post-Friday news stories of how disappointing the day was to retailers, because ‘the economy’ and ‘the unemployment.’

Well, I say ‘fuck off, you cunts’ to the whole ritual of boredom. We may be a nation of consumers, but that’s nothing to fucking celebrate, nothing to be proud of.

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