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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Harper’s Archive

Fun with Harper’s magazine…the entire Harper’s index is now searchable online. If you are a subscriber, you can access any issue of the magazine back to its inception in 1850.

The Gough Map

The Gough Map is thought to be the earliest roadmap of Britain, dating from as early as 1360.


For years I’ve wondered how Dubai has managed to expand so rapidly into a modern metropolis. Simple, easy credit. Looks like that is over.

Bailout Nation

If you read Barry Ritzholtz blog, The Big Picture, you may have read that he was working on a book about the fiscal crisis. Bailout Nation was to be published by McGraw-Hill. McGraw-Hill owns Standards & Poor’s a credit ratings agency.  The book, which was critical of the role that the ratings agencies undoubtedly played […]

15 Doomed Companies

US New’s Flow Chart blog has a list of 15 companies that might not make it through 2009. Those on the chopping block: Rite Aid Claire’s Stores Chrysler Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Realogy Corp. Station Casinos Loehmann’s Capital Corp. Sbarro Six Flags Blockbuster Krispy Kreme Landry’s Restaurants Sirius Satellite Radio Trump Entertainment Resorts Holdings BearingPoint […]

Formulae for the 21st Century

The most important formulae for the 21st century as determined by some very intelligent people.

Why you are fat

I think you’re fat. And, this is why you’re fat.

Measurement Lab

Google-sponsored M-Lab or Measurement Labs is a project that provide tools and research on Internet connectivity. Currently there are three tools in the suite, a general Network Diagnostic Tool for detecting issue that might limit network connection speed. Glastnost can help you determine whether your ISP is throttling or blocking BitTorrent traffic.  The also provide […]

Complete New Yorker on DVD

Now that the New Yorker’s online digital archive has every issue of the magazine back to 1925, the DVD set is largely redundant, unless you find the interface easier to use. Well, maybe not, since they are planning on charging for access to the archive. For the time being you can purchase the DVD version […]

The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom?

Part 1 of Adam Curtis’ award winning documentary. Curtis investigates the changing ideas about individual freedom and how it has shaped the world we live in today. The videos below comprise six approximately ten minute long segments of the the first part of this documentary.