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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Comparing the bear markets

Want to see something really scary?

Hacking the New Yorker on DVD

I’ve installed version 1.3 and it seems that they’ve disabled the hack that allowed you to point the software to the HD. This was previously accomplished by updating the DiskID field in the Issues table and pointing it to ‘9’ which in turn points to the HD. It doesn’t seem to work anymore. Anybody manage […]

Snapple improved

Funny how a step backward is often the best step forward in these times. The Times reports that Snapple is dumping the high fructose corn sweetener for sugar. If they do that, they will have won at least one customer back (me.)

Why housing is still too expensive

Yet another example of why The Big Picture is required reading. The graphs provided today of housing value and debt as percentage of GDP and existing home prices vs. median income fundamentally tell the entire story of why housing prices are still too high. The fact that housing value has gone from 170% to¬† 130% […]

Middle Cyclone Making Of

Short promo film from Anti on the making of Middle Cyclone, which sounds it is going to be a great album. Can’t wait…

I’m throwing my arms around Paris

New Morrissey single and it’s pretty damn good…

How low can you go

How much value has been lost? This much…

Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

The city is messing with your brain. I could have just as easily used a freaking Bee Gees reference.

Middle Cyclone

Neko Case has a new album with a Tarantino inspired cover. She’s got a new single too and you can download it.

Article Skimmer

The New York Times has made no small amount of effort on being a forward looking digital media company. Their site is loaded with special web-only features, blogs, and cool infographics. However, sometimes good ideas can also be found by looking to the past. So, the Times is attempting to replicate the experience of browsing […]