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RCN Rates

RCN has raised their rates yet again, with only the most meager increases in service over the last year. I really like the HD channels that they added in the last year, but it’s not enough to justify the $24/month increase in charges that just appeared on my bill. RCN has just about the worst on-demand service I’ve seen. It’s very poor picture quality, not HD, the interface is dodgy, and the selections are few. I realized I’ve been suffering the poor value for far too long and decided to cancel my cable service.

I should have known that it would be a real pain to cancel; RCN’s customer service has declined significantly since I first signed on with them. I spent an hour on the phone to cancel. On the upside, my monthly bill is going to decrease more than $100. I was surprised that they made no effort either to retain me or to determine why I was cancelling the service. Perhaps they are focusing on the telecom side of the business?

Anyway, I’m going to see if I can live without the cable for a little while. I’m open to suggestions on other services (internet or traditional) that I could use to get my TV fix once in a while.

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