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Times outside scoop on trolls

The New York Times is unusually tardy in how late to the game it is on the story of Internet Trolls. Predictably enough the author of the article got trolled himself by an Internet con artist going by the handle “Weev.”

Calling trolling a growing phenomenon is pretty stupid as just about any half-educated loser with a keyboard has probably engaged in some amount of trolling at this point. Furthermore, the author misses the point about trolls entirely by giving them a mouthpiece in a major newpaper.  Here’s a hint: they do it for the attention, not the ‘lulz,’ and you fed the trolls. Internet sociopath and famewhore Jason Fortuny does not need any more exposure than he’s already got. Fortuny’s “motivation” is that of a stunted, maladjusted adolescent lashing out at an unfair world by creating grief for everybody around him. More on his pathetic background is avialable at “The Secret Life of Jason Fortuny.”

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