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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Mythbusters Gagged by Credit Card Companies

I am very interested to see where this story goes: Adam Savage of Mythbusters, while speaking at a conference, revealed that the producers considered doing a show revealing the flaws of the RFID tags in credit cards. Apparently the lawyers got Discovery to back down from even producing the show. Credit card companies don’t want […]

Salary Exposure

The Times has a piece on disclosure of salaries and the good points and bad points. More interesting than the article is a referenced site called where one could disclose their salary in exchange for information about other people’s salaries. The site has the obvious issue that the salaries are self-reported. There are also […]

RCN Forums

I should mention that there is a good forum on RCN (as well as other internet service providers and cable providers) at Broadband Reports.

RCN Rates

RCN has raised their rates yet again, with only the most meager increases in service over the last year. I really like the HD channels that they added in the last year, but it’s not enough to justify the $24/month increase in charges that just appeared on my bill. RCN has just about the worst […]

Jason Fortuny Sued

It seems that Mr. Fortuny will be getting some more publicity, this time of the unwanted variety. 10 Zen Monkey’s reports that Jason Fortuny is being sued by one of the victims of his “Craig’s List Experiment.” Fortuny is as always unrepentant: I’m sure there are dozens of rfjason-haters cheering right now. Are you excited? […]

Where are the fat men?

I rarely see a truly fat man running for exercise. It occurs to me that either: Fat men don’t run Men who run aren’t fat Clearly more fat men should run.

Kim’s Closing

The UWS loses its (only?) decent record store in September when’s Kim’s closes.

Times outside scoop on trolls

The New York Times is unusually tardy in how late to the game it is on the story of Internet Trolls. Predictably enough the author of the article got trolled himself by an Internet con artist going by the handle “Weev.” Calling trolling a growing phenomenon is pretty stupid as just about any half-educated loser […]

Unemployment by the Numbers

Stated unemployment is now up to 5.7% seasonally adjusted. The straight figure without adjustment is 6.0%. Neither of these are good signs for the economy. But it’s always interesting to delve below into the figures and see how difference populations are affected. They never report the stark figures for Black Male unemployment which for ages […]