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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Time to Think

Why you need it, how to make more of it. Good lifestyle piece from the BBC.

George W. Bush Sewage Plant

At last, an appropriate facility may bear the name of a president. San Francisco has a ballot initiative to rename the Oceanside Treatment Plant after George Bush. Why did they wait so long? This should have been put up for a vote years ago.

Knotty Noose

The Village Voice continued it’s story on ousted Teachers College professor Madonna Constantine. It doesn’t shed much new light on the story, but demonstrates that Columbia was not quick to judge; rather it took its time investigating the issue and its conclustions were not reached hastily.

Morningside Heights Top Eats

TimeOut NY has a list of Morningside Heights’ top eats. Their definition of Morningside Heights is a little off (typically it’s ABOVE 110th St.) and they missed Tacqueria Y Fonda Mexiacana, but it’s mostly on target.

Not exactly affirmative action’s poster child

The Village Voice is running a series on Madonna Constantine, the now-infamous plagiarist of Teachers College. Of course, she didn’t get her job through affirmative action, but by bulking up her resume with other people’s work.

25 Ways to Drive Oil Prices to $150

Back in May, Barry Ritholtz compiled a list of reasons why we are to blame for the current oil price increases. Mostly it’s a matter of having an energy policy that very much encourages the price to rise. He’s dubbed this perversity the “George Costanza Energy Policy” in honor of “The Opposite,” the episode of […]