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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Not Quite Westinghouse Material

Dating myself with the title there. Here are some hilarious posters given by budding scientists. You have to start somewhere. I’m curious about “Garlic: The Silent Killer.”

White Riot

A blog dedicated to stuff white people like.

Hilarity from Laffer

The Big Picture has a hilarious quote from Art Laffer (yes, that Laffer) about the tax rebate. Ironically, he doesn’t like it.

90 Day Jane

90 Day Jane almost stayed alive long enough to get some serious media attention. The smart money was on it being a hoax, which of course, it most likely was. Now somebody is trying to hack her traffic and install some spyware on unsuspecting passersby. Some people are concerned about the possibility of a “suicide […]

Death of the Smooth

“I feel the tide of history turning against Smooth Jazz like it did against Disco.” Smooth is over reports WFMU.