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Monthly Archives: August 2007


I’ve started running at last and I’m up to two miles without a stop. Pretty impressive for somebody who could barely make it a quarter-mile only one month ago. It seems that you can build your aerobic capacity very quickly provided you take it slow. I think the best advice I received was to run […]

Sooner Than You Think

Filling out the collection here’s New Order doing “Sooner Than You Think.” Not my fave, but I’m not going to complain.

In a Lonely Place

Hohner melodica in full-effect as New Order bashes its way through “In a Lonely Place.”

Blue Monday

Same performance as the other videos, this time, it’s “Blue Monday.” Voyetra synths (and Barney’s voice) all over the place. Note the in-joke reference to his own off-key singing as Barney changes the lyrics “I still find it so hard, to stay in tune with you, but I’m sure that you’ll tell us, what the […]

Age of Consent

New Order performs “Age of Consent.” Note out of key guitar intro, angry removal of pop-screen from microphone, and ‘gay sperm’ on the amps. Kick Ass.


Video footage of New Order performing “Temptation” at the BBC studios live in 1984.

The Ghoul gets a take-down

President of 9/11 and presidential candidate Rudolph Guiliani claims to have been at ground zero as often as rescue workers. Turns out he was down there for about 29 hours total. So much for his campaign.

Kitchen Gadgets

PC Magazine’s guide to strange kitchen gadgets, including the evergreen “Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork.”

Cool Fish

27 acquatic lifeforms you’ve never caught, (because they are so rare or are deep sea creatures) including this excellent robot fish. The robot fish is located at the London Acquarium: Computer scientists at the University of Essex in the U.K. developed the self-guided robot fish, seen here swimming in the aquarium. The designers say it […]

Laser fun time

Check out a great home project in the dangerous science category: making your own hand held burning laser.