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I’ve been very curious about the drug Alli, the weight loss drug that is now available over the counter. The marketing claims that you can expect some modest increases in the amount of weight loss, provided you follow a fairly low fat diet. But we’re we’re talking – 15 grams per meal. That’s really a rather small amount of fat, the amount you would find in your average sandwich. If you go over the 15 grams in a single meal, Alli sees to it that you are punished with ‘treatment effects,’ essentially foul-smelling oil leaking out of your anus. After reading vile personal experiences such as “My body won’t stop leaking” and “Stinky treatment effects and you, a yucky story” I’m not entirely sure that I need to take the drug itself to lose weight. I just goes to show what people will put themselves through to lose weight. For my part, I’m sticking with exercise.

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