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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Reconsidering the Cell Phone

Wired has a bunch of reasons you might reconsider having a cell phone. I just got rid of mine a few months ago. My top reasons from the article: It’s horribly expensive Total Cost of Ownership. Apply that idea to everything, not just cars and mortgages. The fact is that most cellphones will cost you […]

Types of Visas

I wasn’t aware that the US had so many types of visas. The only kind I’ve run into are the (controversial) H-1Bs, which are for people with ‘special skills.’

It takes a firm man…

Christopher Walken makes a chicken. (looks pretty tasty) Christopher Walken has a reputation for being something of a cook and apparently does quite a bit of cooking himself, since restaurants sketch him out.

Ghost Bikes

I’ve seen a few of these “Ghost Bikes” around the city. They’re white bicycles placed at the site of fatal bicycle accidents. It looks like this new site will be putting something up on the phenomenon soon.


I’ve been very curious about the drug Alli, the weight loss drug that is now available over the counter. The marketing claims that you can expect some modest increases in the amount of weight loss, provided you follow a fairly low fat diet. But we’re we’re talking – 15 grams per meal. That’s really a […]

New Soul Food

Hungry in Hogtown, the excellent food blog, has a kool entry on a kool subject, kool-aid pickles. Don’t laugh, kids apparently love them.

Free Energy

I remember throughout my youth hearing how solar energy would someday take over if only they could improve the efficiency of the panels. Turns out they are getting very efficient, very quickly.

Ugly Outfits NYC

Ugly Outfits NYC is sort of like Overheard in NY in that it captures the some of the street theater I live for – spotting outrageously bad outfits.

iTunes Bloatware Blues

After finding that iTunes 7.3 pinned my processor to 99% utilization for no explicable reason, I decided to download 7.3.1. What a nightmare this once useful software has turned into. It’s bad enough that I have to endure a complete Quicktime reinstall that is slipgraded with every new version of iTunes (and having to delete the […]

Cold Brew Iced Coffee

So, I tried the cold-brew iced coffee technique. To pull it off, I simply took a french press coffee maker, put the usual amount of coffee in, added water and allowed it to brew overnight. By morning (when I do most of my coffee consumption) the coffee was ready. A french press is particularly well-suited […]