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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Song Meanings

The name might throw you off a little, but SongMeanings is actually a lyrics database. It has a lot going for it. A huge database of song lyrics,  no pop-ups or  spyware, and a discussion feature where users post their interpretations of the songs.

There is a light that never goes out

YouTube strikes again. The (sole?) musician behind a project called Primrose League has posted several videos of himself playing songs by The Smiths. His recreations of Johnny Marr’s playing is obsessively close to the originals. Here’s an instrumental of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, a beautiful song, with or without vocals.

Cold brewing coffee

I Need Coffee, your source for “Monthly Caffeination Information” has an article about cold-brewing iced coffee.  I’ve never tried it before, but I plan to and will report back on the results.

Sanchez, spanked

Matt Sanchez gets very funny, well put, major spanking on the Gay Left Borg blog. Serves him right for trying to insult, degrade, and bait people based on their sexuality.


FairTest wants to get rid of standardized testing, but what will they replace it with?

Story of a class

23 students started kindergarten in September of 1994. Here’s what happened to them. does battle with Matt Sanchez’s lies, loses out to the censors.

Matt Sanchez still in the Marines?

Is former gay porn star Matt Sanchez (a.k.a. Rod Majors)  still a marine? Can anyone verify his claims?

Matt Sanchez Spanked

No, it’s not a homoerotic fantasy, I’m afraid. Our favorite gay porn star (Rod Majors) gets on his soapbox about the MSM (which he calls the ‘mainstream press’) and gets spanked hard by some whippersnappers from Columbia. Never underunstimate Matt Sanchez’s ability to embarass himself (and lie baldly) in a public forum. If you’re up […]

Friendly Advice

To Crooks and Liars, Sam Sloan is not what most of us would call a reliable source.