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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Restore Cast Iron Cookware

I’m a big fan of cast iron cookware. It heats evenly, retains heat well, and is naturally nonstick after it is seasoned. It’s also incredibly durable and lasts for years. However, if it’s abused a little too much, it won’t perform and may need restoration. Curbly has a good piece on how to go about […]

Head of the long tail?

BuzzTracker is yet another news site that uses the concept of  ‘most blogged’ as a method for selecting relevant stories. The site is pretty attractive, but who knows how successful it will be given how many sites are based on the same premise.

Found Sounds

Tape Findings is a weekly showcase of ‘found sounds’ from cassettes picked up at thrift shops and yard sales. There’s a lot of strange, good stuff for audio junkies.

Remembering Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell was a very, very smart idiot. Much like his fellow minister, Al Sharpton, he never missed a chance to grab the spotlight during a crisis and say something completely idiotic. I’m referring, of course, to his almost unforgivable statements about the September 11th attacks being the fault of the American people. Good riddance.

Porn for Idiots

Supposed you were to search for ‘porn for idiots.’ What exactly would you be looking for?

Matt Sanchez back at it

Apparently now that finals are over, Matt Sanchez has gotten back to trolling for gay sex online. Old habits certainly die hard.

Tied up in knots

Via LifeHacker, the ten most useful knots, and how to tie them.

When Molecular Gastronomy Goes Wrong

The recent tainted pet food scandal has brought to light the deceptive practices the Chinese Food & Agriculture industries engage in. The chemical that is believed to have caused the animal deaths, melamine, is added to increase the apparent protein content of wheat gluten. But this is just the tip of the iceberg with regard […]