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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Oragami, Sam Sloan Style

Every once in a while, I like to check out the web site of my #1 favorite crackpot/mad genius Sam Sloan. Sam’s personality comes through quite strongly in everything he does and he passionate about things like books, chess, Asian women, lawsuits, and sex. Sloan is also a bona fide historic figure, as he is […]

Downtown Beirut

Speaking of vanishing New York, here’s a recollection of the bar Downtown Beirut, which was a “transcendent dive.” I know what she means.

Tonic Closes

Generally, I’m all real estate going to the highest value use. But the notion of value is actually pretty elusive because of the great many things you can’t put a dollar value on. One thing you really can’t put dollar value on is the cultural capital of New York. This cultural capital exists only in […]


GTA IV – which looks breathtakingly delicious – has got politicians in New York up in arms. The game very closely resembles (is) New York City. As a resident, I welcome the opportunity to indulge my criminal revenge fantasies on my virtual neighbors. Beats going to Rikers.

Walmart more selective than Harvard (or Columbia)


Dec II

The incredibly name Xenius Jones is also tuned into the UTTER TRUTH OF THE WORLDWIDE MAD DEADLY GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD. Like me, Jones was involved in the tape trading circles of the late 80’s early 90’s where bizarre bits of audio were shared by a tenuous web of pre-internet hipster geeks. This was our first […]


WFMU informs us that Francis E. Dec, Esquire of 29 Maple Ave, Hempstead, New York has an active fan club even in death. Dec was create some legendary, completely insane rants that he sent out to seemingly randomly selected individuals.Dec’s rants were something special, awe-inspiring in their urgency, vulgarity, and madness. The site owner of […]

How much is your site worth?

Fun little app that calculates your site’s value:  My Site is worth$288 How much is your site worth?