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Monthly Archives: April 2007

The Best

Penn & Teller’s Bullshit episode “The Best” includes thoughts from (and was probably inspired by) Barry Schwartz, author of The Paradox of Choice.

Bush fatigue

Country suffering from “Bush Fatigue” according to Bush 41. No kidding.

Estimate your FICO

Dumb Little Man points out there is a free FICO estimator on By answering a few questions about your credit habits, you can get a picture of where you fall in on the range of FICO scores. At the very least, it will help you figure out if you have anything to worry about.

Guns kill 81 people every day

Before you let idiots like Matt Sanchez or Newt Gingrich go off on a tangent about how liberalism is responsible for the Virginia Tech incident put things in context. About 81 people died every day due to guns in 2004 (the last year figures were available.) The New York Times sums up who is getting […]

Matt Sanchez calls me a homosexual

In response to my criticism of his sub-moronic ramblings, Matt Sanchez has publicly called me out as a homosexual (from his comment on my previous post): Another disgruntled homosexual probably coming off a 3-day binge. He fails to indicate what it was I am allegedly binging on. Cock? Crystal meth? Ugly Betty? Only Matt Sanchez […]

Pathethic Whoring

When Matt Sanchez isn’t writing trifling editorials for the Columbia Spectator (ugly Betty anyone?,) he pseudo-editorializes on his blog. Apparently they don’t teach logic at Columbia because in this idiotic post he conflates the activities of the International Socialist Organization and the Take Back the Night marches, suggesting they are somehow related. Furthermore, as repugnant […]

Jack Chick Unmasked

Blogger Jimmy Akin has apparently found a picture of the legendary Christian comic book publisher, Jack Chick. He was photographed with Pastor Bob Nogalski, whose life story closely parallels the story of “Bad Bob.” “Bad Bob” follows the story of a colicky baby who grows up to be a badass who repents. Thank goodness for […]

Virginia Tech Photos has photos of the mass murder at Virginia Tech. There is a gallery of photos of the victims. Very sad.

Matt Sanchez Biography

Matt Sanchez continues to rewrite history, but some people are onto him. For example, there is an extensive dossier at County Historian. There’s plenty of evidence there that Sanchez worked as an gay porn actor and as an escort. I can understand his desire to put his past behind him, but in this day and […]

Cho Seung-Hui, Playwright

A classmate of Cho Seung-Hui has posted two the killer’s plays, “Mr. Brownstone” and “Richard McBeef.” They’re awful, awful, awful plays. Nevertheless, the content is a violent and profane, but isn’t nearly as profane or violent as I expected. The only thing really insane about these is that he handed them in for a class.