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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Matt Sanchez may be in more trouble

It’s like a train wreck. The guy keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself. Matt Sanchez is not accused of wrongfully soliciting $12,000 in funds. This is in addition to the gay porn/prostitution allegations. Think Progress. also reports on the story.

Is it safe?

Yes, it’s safe.

Woeful experience with British Airways

I see that this traveler has had a bad experience with British Airways. My experience included such features as: missed connection – because they wouldn’t let us peasants in economy off the plane or to the head of the line through customs canceled second flight – that’s right, the new flight I was scheduled on […]

Adventures in transporation


Matt Sanchez is a douchebag

The sanctimony and bullshitting just keep coming, from his latest editorial: If liberalism were a religion, Columbia University would be a sort of East Coast mecca where devotees flock to take part in the festivities of pro-revolutionary culture that flourishes on campus. It’s not hard to imagine protesters swarming counterclockwise around the sundial and fancying […]

Molecular Gastronomy Supplies

Hungry in Hogtown has a cool round up on most common supplies for molecular gastronomy experiments. They also discuss sources for the supplies (L’Epicerie) and dealing with Canadian customs, which held an order up at the border.

Why high levels of home ownership isn’t necessarily a good thing

Debt: Some kinds of debt are good and some are bad. Good debt is cheap and predictable. Bad debt is unpredictable for example, an Adjustable Rate Mortgage or a home equity loan taken out to cover current expenses. Poor Rental Market: Being able to reliably generate a stream of income from real estate is a […]

More Matt Sanchez Dishonesty

Seems like after the heat got turned up on him, Sanchez isn’t quite so proud anymore. He knows the brass is monitoring his actions closely, so some of the more polemical posts have been taken down and he’s heavily moderating comments on his blog. That’s his right, naturally. But he hasn’t stopped misrepresenting the truth. […]

How to write a fundable business plan

Brendon Wilson has a great piece on his blog summarizing VC Ann Winblad’s recommendations on getting your business plan written.

Thanking my lucky stars

That I don’t have this horrific skin disease that causes nail-like growths from the skin (warning: it really isn’t pretty.) However, if you have any idea what it is, it might help this guy out.