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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Crack a PDF

How to work around a password-protected PDF. I know some better cracks, but I’m not telling you!

10 Dieting Tips

Lifehack has a post regarding 10 unconventional dieting tips. Best tip is to go off the diet on the weekend. We have only so much resolve to give, so having a little break is very helpful when you are being strict during the week.

A new low

Bush’s approval rating hits an all time low (not just for Bush, but for any President during the polling age.)

Big Poop

I usually don’t post things like this but I was truly impressed by the world’s longest poop. A very strange art project, indeed.

I’m so scared

Quote from a spam comment on this site: if you delete this links, yoг will be unhappy till next monday. plese dont do that

EDGE of existence

Help save some the earth’s most evolutionarily diverse and globally endangered species. That is, if they are still around; number 1 on the list, the Yangtze River Dolphin is probably already extinct.

5 tips for stressful living

I must admit that I would be surprised if a 23-year-old blogger didn’t have issues following his own advice, but kudos to him if he does. It’s all very reasonable stuff, but incredibly difficult to follow in practice – of course that does nothing to diminish the wisdom of the advice itself.

Any idea why this page lists among many pre-linked domains? Leave a comment if you have any idea…

Secure Gmail

Lifehacker has a tip for securing access to gmail (use https instead of http.) It’s nice that they have the capability, but not surprising that they don’t advertise it – secure http takes up more system resources than good old http due to the cryptographic overhead.


Plus magazine has a fascinating article on the mysterious number 6174.