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Monthly Archives: November 2006


Zune, considered harmful.

Wild Sex 101

According to the Daily News, Columbia University is nothing but an orgy (of liberalism, no doubt) disguised as a university. Why then a photo Chris Kulawik, a poster-boy for sexlessness? Perhaps because they are all talk and no action?


The GOP doesn’t care about black people, unless those black people happen to be voters, and they also happen to be easily duped.


Yes, there are plenty of wingnuts on the right. Anthrax hoaxing however is an unusual hobby for them (most stick to blogging.)

Robot Food

Mmm, longpig.

Latency & Crystal WDM

If you own a Dell laptop computer and you are a musician, you’ve probably run into latency issues on the built-in Crystal audio cards. Most recently I was getting 46ms of latency out of my machine. This makes live performance pretty difficult, you need to get that latency below 15ms if it’s going to feel […]