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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Finding The Fall

Find every former member of the band The Fall. Not a trivial task for a band that has had 40-odd members over its 30 year existence.

Biggest Computer Flops

Top 10 biggest flops in computing. The story about CP/M stretches credibility – anybody have any idea whether it is true or not?

Gode Cookery

Gode Cookery is one of those sites that makes me glad there is an Internet. The site is dedicated to medieval cooking and translating the recipes to the modern kitchen. Knowing how people ate hundreds of years ago goes a long way to understanding how they lived.

Friendster’s Failure

TechCrunch has an interesting piece on why Friendster failed where MySpace succeeded. I think the notion that Friendster’s bad architecture problem had a lot to do with it. Yes, it did suck and it was quite slow. However, look at MySpace – built on ColdFusion with significant failures of various functions. In my experience the […]

Bush has nothing to say, no plan

Check out this article from U.S. News, and this great quote (referring to the most recent White House press conference:) “He had nothing to say at the press conference,” says a prominent GOP insider. “My question is, why call it?”

No Exuberance Please

Why the best employees are robots/zombies! Small amount of hyperbole to make an excellent point about what the difference between the type of employees companies say they want and the type of employees they really want.

Republicans: The Party of Moral Corruption

Glenn Greenwald has an excellent essay on the gang of degenerates that some call the GOP. Some research on his part reveals that Foley was most likely a man obsessed with litigating against the perverse behaviors he himself engaged in.


If doesn’t suit your prognostication needs for the upcoming election, check out the Iowa Electronic Markets Congressional Market.


The first link on Google for Senator Rick Santorum, isn’t for Rick Santorum, but for this rather disgusting eponym. Of course I’m just fanning the flames posting this. (that’s the point)

Alfredo Zaragoza

Wiki user page of Alfredo Zaragoza, an graduate of Columbia University General Studies, also known as “Angry Cell Phone Guy.”