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More lies about global warming

I noticed that a lot of people are blogging about a speech made by Senator James Inhofe. I don’t really expect Senators to understand science, or for that matter, read. But what is interesting in this case is the depth of the misrepresentation. In his speech, Inhofe attacks the work of climate scientist Michael Mann. Claiming that “In 2006, both the National Academy of Sciences and an independent researcher further refuted the foundation of the “hockey stick.”” The ‘hockey stick’ is the marked increase in the rate of warming observed in the 20th century. Sounds pretty conclusive, right? National Academy of Sciences refuted it right? WRONG. If you read the report, which is available in full from the National Academy of Sciences, you will find that the NAS panel which evaluated the work expressed some skepticism. However, you will also find that “the committee finds it plausible that the Northern Hemisphere was warmer over the last few decades of the 20th century than during any comparable period over the preceding millenium.”

Shame on Inhofe for lying and shame on the right for perpetuating these lies by repeating them. Of course it might just be that he’s an idiot.

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