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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Ask a muslim has a new feature where you can ask a muslim various questions about their religion. Interesting stuff, but the guy answering is a moderate, so expect moderation. Except when it comes to jews, naturally.

Comparing the bittorrent clients

I was surfing around wikipedia today and I came across this comparison chart of bittorrent clients. A cursory glance indicates that Azureus is the most full-featured of the clients. It’s also the one I happen to use.

Top Science Myths

Ok, so it isn’t actually a top 10, it’s a top 20, but I liked this list of the top myths (corrected by science.) Available via Live Science, vote for your favorites.

Identify a site owner by their Google Adsense ID

Google Tutor has a great little Google hack detailing how to find a website’s owner by using their Google Adsense ID. There’s also some sensible advice on using Adsense to drive revenue.

Torture and Detention Class Action

Speaking of torture…I wonder how long it will be before the affected individuals attempt to get compensation for their pain. I think that a class action lawsuit against the various parties involved in the torture and rendition might be forthcoming. What do you think?


Here’s what waterboarding looks like. Now, do you still think it is ok?


Screech in a sex tape? The horror…the horror. I wonder if this will help him save his house.


As an experiment and to amuse myself, I’ve setup a wiki. Specifically, I’ve setup the TastyWiki a wiki about food. I’m interested in how this evolves. Hopefully, people will contribute, and if they don’t, at the very least they will find it an resource.

Making of “Every Breath You Take”

The story of the making of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take.” Sting playing bass on a trampoline! How irritating!

More lies about global warming

I noticed that a lot of people are blogging about a speech made by Senator James Inhofe. I don’t really expect Senators to understand science, or for that matter, read. But what is interesting in this case is the depth of the misrepresentation. In his speech, Inhofe attacks the work of climate scientist Michael Mann. […]