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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Wiki Charts

Once you are through with the salacious details of the AOL user searches, you can move on to Wiki and see what the collective perverted mind is looking up.

50 Interview Questions

Strategies for answering 50 common interview questions.

AOL Search Data Revealed

Interested in what some randome luser decided to search for in AOL. Here is your chance. It’s another unique site by Andreas Wacker, who also brought you Blogsnow.

Distributed Search

The recent casual, unintentional invasion of AOL user privacy highlights the vulnerability of every Google user. Every search is tracked, stored, etc. and with enough time and research those records can easily be pointed back to an individual. The threat of the U.S. Government invading privacy through these means is also readily evident. However, there […]


A website is attempting to collect 10,000 reasons the human race is doomed. Now that I’ve found the site, they’re going to have to up the limit…

Dub Be Good To Me

An open message to Phentermine Boy

Jam it up your ass! You know who you are….

Biking in New York

Most people probably don’t have any interest in biking the streets of New York given the aggresive nature of the drivers there. However, if you insist, you might find Bicycling Street Smarts a useful guide to saving your ass.

Internet Speed Test is a great, new tool for testing your ping, download, and upload speed against an number of servers located around the world.

Made in Heaven

Before the giant bunny, Jeff Koons, in an act of extraordinary narcissism made some pornography (photographs and statues) with his erstwhile wife, Ilona Staller, aka Cicciolina. Unsurprisingly, it looks just like hardcore pornography, but was it art?