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Monthly Archives: June 2006


There’s a brand new blog dedicated to website widgets.

Brooklyn Bridge Sounds

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has a fantastic post today on the sounds made by bridges. Included is an mp3 of the Brooklyn Bridge recorded in 1982. Guaranteed to bring back memories for some people – the bridge no longer sounds the way it does in the recording due to the road being replaced.

Connie Chung, Lounge Singer

I dare you to watch the whole thing. That’s right. I dare you.

Unusual Business Ideas That Work

I suppose that the intention of this site is to be inspirational, however, some of the ideas are so stupid that I can’t help but feel depressed about my life and about humanity in general.

Congressman Westmoreland

Does it really surprise anybody at this point that a Congressman from Georgia might be a complete idiot?

Taxi Drivers and Cell Phones

New York Taxi Drivers are officially not allowed to use cell phones when driving. Since the use of hands-free cell phones is so rampant, I had no idea that there was an explicit regulation against it. There are some other interesting rules & regulations detailed at the TLC site as well.

Ringtone for the kids

As we get older, we lose our ability to perceive high-frequency sound. The New York Times has an article today about how this is being exploited using a high-frequency ringtone that young people can hear but adults cannot. Supposedly this comes in handy in the classroom. Nevertheless, if I could hear it, I might smack […]


Logical fallacies to use and abuse.